Feroz Ahmed Jafree

Feroz Ahmed Jafree is a Bangladeshi Author, Filmmaker, Photographer & media personality. His prolific works have made him renowned as a talented Screenwriter, Lyricist, Documentary Filmmaker, Playwright, Tagline Creator, Content Creator and Executive Producer of Media Theme. His expertise on Graphic Design, Typography, and Art have added extra feathers on his crown. He is the founder, publisher & editor of monthly, quarterly and yearly magazines like Swagotom Bangladesh, Bhuter Diary and Ashare Goppo.

: August 25, 1990, Satkhira, Khulna, Bangladesh.

Ancestral Home
: Kochua, Kathalia, Jhalokathi, Borishal

: Bangladeshi

Years Active
: 1917- Present

: Activist



: Shahar Banu

: Nudbah Jafree Dupur (Daughter)

: Md. Yousuf Ali, Wasirun Nesa (Tunu)

: Ismot Ara Bithi, Zannatul Ferdous Juthi, Bulbul Ahmed.

: Traveling, Skating, Surfing

Feroz Ahmed Jafree

‘Bhuter Diary’ is a quarterly that publishes stories that fall into Gothic/SupernaturalFiction genre. The magazine is dedicated platform to this sort of stories. A narrative story might possessnumerous things that can both excite & soothe a reader’s mind, Gothic is no exception. Story keeps human brain busy, helps staying healthy through imagination, and assists people developing new perspectives. ‘Bhuter Diary’ does not plead anyoneto believe in the existence of ghosts rather satisfies the thirst for thrill readers want to experience. Even the scientists think that humans have a tendency to discover themselves in a ‘suspension of disbelief’ situation, the fear of ghost is deeply rooted in our genes. Our parents, grandparents used to narrate gothic stories though they knew there was no ghosts out there. The magazine is a set up for making the readers sharp, ready and prompt in taking decisions in different situations. Bhuter Diary by no means promote or inspire belief in ghosts.



Feroz Ahmed Jafree

‘AshareGoppo’ is a Humormagazine, we call it food for soul, satiates readers’ thirst forhumor. This introduces readers of modern era to light, funny and engaging stories that eventually help them staying out of their exhaustion caused by complexities of this bustling time. It is well known that comic stories helpreaders becoming more attentive & composed, accelerate brain ability, increase power of imagination, and provide interesting vocabs;ina world full of negative incidents/accidents, this magazine gives readers a comic relief.Themagazine is published every year in month of Ashar (Third month in Bengali calendar), hence a yearly. Besides students from Government &Non-government colleges& universities, anybody & everybody who loves literature can write here.